Set of natural water filters: Shungite, Quartz & Silicium, 380g


  • structures water
  • effectively cleanses water
  • enriches water with silicium and shungite fullerenes
  • fills cells with energy
  • activates detoxification processes
  • increases immunity
  • normalizes hormonal balance
  • improves blood circulation in the brain and veins
  • normalizes the work of the kidneys and liver
  • helpful in osteoporosis, arthrosis
  • improves memory, concentration
  • restores healthy skin

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In stock



A set of natural water filters:

Shungite, Quartz and Silicium.


A unique combination of the 3 oldest minerals on earth – shungite, quartz, silicium. Thanks to its natural synergism, it ensures perfect water structuring and the most effective water purification. Perfectly complementing each other, the minerals enrich the water with silicium and shungite fullerenes. The energy mix fills cells with energy, activates detoxification processes, increases immunity. As a result, long-term diseases can disappear, body adaptation increases, strengthens anti-tumor immunity, normalizes hormonal balance. It improves blood circulation in the brain and veins, normalizes the work of the kidneys and liver, dystrophic changes in the form of osteoporosis, arthrosis go away. Improves memory, concentration. Reduces psychoemotional intensity, excitability. Restores healthy skin color. Increases the work of endocrine and nervous systems. Good for cosmetic purposes. Smoothes wrinkles. Restores skin elasticity and gives a young firm look. Very well cleanses water from radionuclides, heavy metals, gasoline, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides.

Usage: for 3.5-4l of water: 150g shungite, quartz – 200g, silicium – 30g. Rinse the crystals 3-4 times, then pour water. Wait 3 days. After this time, the water is ready to drink, cook, use for cosmetic purposes. On a sunny day, you can place a vessel with water in the morning sun (enough for 3 hours from 8 to 11am). Then pour the same stones with water and after 3 hours the water is ready for use. Periodically rinse the mix (at least once a week). The same portion of stones can be used for 5-6 months.

Producer: OOO Targovyj dom Russia

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