Secret Mumio – Colloidal silver Spray, 10ml


Secret Mumio Colloidal Silver Spray 10ml
The oldest and the strongest natural “antibiotic”.
Helps in various conditions from cold and flu to tonsillitis.

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As you get older, the ability to assimilate the body’s silver drops.

This leads to a deficiency which in turn impairs the immune system. Minerals and especially trace elements are more important for the body than vitamins because without them the presence of vitamins can’t be used. Therefore, trace elements are the key to the proper functioning of the body.

Colloidal silver is microscopic particles – silver ions suspended in deionized water.

Its structure is similar to our body fluids, therefore the bioavailability is 90-100%.

The form in which most of the natural inorganic nutrients are assimilated by our body consists of a material in a colloidal state.

Drinking colloidal silver can be considered as one of the treatments of alternative treatment, which aims, inter alia, to strengthen the immune system and improve health. Silver also cleanses the body of dead microbes and their toxins, and helps regulate digestion, relieve skin infections and heal the wounds faster.


Studies confirm that colloidal silver supports the treatment of many ailments and diseases such as viral infections, bacterial infections, staphylococcus and streptococcal infections, fungal infections and yeast infections, chronic inflammation.

cold, runny nose, cough, flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsils,




gastroenteritis, diarrhea,

anal pruritus, lichen-like skin infections, boils, varicose veins

mycosis of the skin, nails, feet, vaginal mycosis

intestinal, lung, candidiasis,

lymph node infection

inflammation of the sinuses, mouth

psoriasis and dandruff

colloidal silver decontaminates the skin, relieves inflammation and itching

hard healing wounds, burns (including sun)

relieve infection and support rapid regeneration of damaged cells;


colloidal silver relieves external symptoms and cleanses the body from the inside, helping to eliminate the causes of this ailment.

weakness and chronic fatigue.

eye and ear infections

rheumatic diseases


gingivitis (including bleeding gums)


Colloidal silver, known for over 90 years, is considered a natural antibiotic that does not cause side effects. Its feature is a high degree of fragmentation and the fact that it has antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties.

Silver is deposited in cells of the reticuloendothelial system (especially in the liver and spleen) and in a number of lymph nodes. Reticuloendothelial cells are part of the immune system and absorb cell debris, foreign matter and destroy germs.

By the way, they also absorb silver particles. Thanks to this, viruses and germs are focused directly on contact with silver. Silver particles do not attack microorganisms directly, but they deactivate the enzyme, which unicellular bacteria, viruses and fungi use in oxygen metabolism. All pathogens die within 6 minutes because they are not able to develop resistance to silver particles (as it happens with antibiotics).

Silver, unlike most antibiotics, has a very strong positive charge, thanks to which it searches for and destroys germs and bacteria in the body. Anaerobic bacteria and viruses are then oxidized (burned).

Antibiotics destroy about 6-7 bacteria and colloidal silver as many as 650 viruses, fungi, molds and bacteria. Colloidal silver, unlike antibiotics, does not destroy the natural bacterial flora. During approximately 100 years of research, no pathogenic micro-organisms have been observed to be resistant to its effects.

Currently, antibiotics are increasingly failing to be effective in the treatment of new varieties of viruses or bacteria. They fight unsuccessfully with fungi, yeasts and other parasites.

Microscopic silver particles do not accumulate in the body – they are excreted within a few days.


it is non-toxic

expelled in a few days – it does not accumulate

does not irritate the digestive system

does not weaken the liver

acts as an antibiotic

kills more than 650 pathogens

destroys fungi and mold and parasites

supports cell development

does not irritate mucous membranes

purifies water, decontaminates


does not pinch his eyes

does not react with drugs

strengthens the body’s immunity

is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers

colourless, odourless

silver has never shown any drug interaction with any drug.


Colloidal silver is often used for the following skin symptoms:

skin mycosis, itching, rash

sun burns



skin infection

insect bites

skin soft warts, warts, psoriasis

ear and eye infections

wounds and cuts

It does not destroy tissue cells and therefore its use is painless. It is enough to wash the affected area or make a compress or apply, for example, to cut wounds in the form of a spray (it accelerates the healing of wounds). In addition to inhibiting inflammation, silver ions also support the formation of new epithelial tissue and multiplication of new cells that will replace dead or damaged cells.

It is important not to expose the washed areas directly to sunlight.


Silver can also be taken orally, so it is absorbed from the mouth directly into the bloodstream and then into the cells. (in the case of acne, it is recommended to use it both orally and topically).

Examples of ailments in the treatment of which colloidal silver is used as an adjuvant:


flu, runny nose, pneumonia, cold, tonsillitis, pleurisy


diarrhea, gastritis, intestinal problems

infection with staphylococci, streptococcus, yeasts, blood parasites



boils, anal pruritus, cystitis, hemorrhoids, profuse white discharge

toxins in the blood



– prophylactically 1 teaspoon per day (about 5 ml)

– in the case of colds, flu 4 x a day, 1 teaspoon (4 × 5 ml)

– chronic diseases 2 x teaspoon per day (2 x 5ml)

– for strengthening up to 6 teaspoons a day (up to 30 ml)

In case of serious illnesses, contact your doctor first.

It is recommended that before swallowing silver you do not swallow it immediately, just hold it in the mouth for a few seconds under the tongue. Thanks to this, part of the silver will be absorbed additionally by the mucosa. It is important to remember about providing the body with a probiotic.

After two months of using it is good to take a break for a few weeks

In the case of a person with a weight of around 70 kg, the maximum daily dose of 10ppm silver is 6 teaspoons. (Assuming that one teaspoon (5 ml)) Of 10ppm Colloidal Silver contains 50 micrograms of silver).

For children, this dose is half as much, adequate to the child’s weight, ex. 3 teaspoons per day. WARNING! Special care should be taken with children under the age of 2. It is recommended that no more than a quarter dose for adults is given to them.


Never use if you are allergic to silver metallic!!!


Keep tightly closed, in a dark place, at room temperature, away from magnetic fields (TV, microwave oven, etc.) and out of the reach of children.


It is recommended to use a simple test before using colloidal silver to determine if it will cause an allergic reaction.

Place a few drops of silver on the inside of the forearm. Watch for 30 minutes and if you do not observe any allergic reactions such as: irritation, skin discoloration, redness, itching, – the probability of allergy occurring when used as recommended is minor.


Occasionally there may be a Herxheimer’s reaction resulting from the body’s cleansing of accumulated toxins that can be released into the bloodstream for a short period of time: fatigue, malaise, mild diarrhea (if this happens, intestinal bacteria should be supplemented by consumption of yogurt or acidophilus milk, it should be also drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration) as well as the apparent deterioration of health. In these cases, the dose should be halved.

People who are allergic to silver may experience, among others, swelling of the body, rash, suppuration of the eyes and annoying runny nose. In this case, you should stop taking Colloidal Silver and if necessary, contact your homeopathic doctor.


For the purification treatment (which lasts about 14 days) for the first 4 days you should drink 5ml of silver a day, for the next 3 days for 10ml, and the next 3 days for 15ml. Last 4 days 20ml a day.

In order to strengthen the effect of silver, it is recommended not to eat meat and fish, preserved products for a while, and put away cigarettes and alcohol.


Silver is ideal for cleaning, washing and disinfecting as a means of neutralizing unpleasant odours (for removing mites in rooms – just pour them into humidifiers). Silver also helps keep food fresh longer – just spray them or add a few drops to juices and drinks.


The bactericidal properties of silver have already been used in ancient times.

It was believed that storing drinks and food in silverware will protect them from disease. That is why, for example, in Greece, you drank from silver cups and ate on silver platter. Silver was already used even in medicine, washing the wounds and healing bacterial infections.

In the 14th century, during the plague epidemic in Europe, children were given to suck silver spoons to protect them from disease. (even today, the practice of keeping silver teaspoons in the mouth to compensate for herpes symptoms)

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