Pu-erh tea leaf, 80 g, KAWON


  • supports slimming, 
  • lower cholesterol 
  • protects against decay 
  • can improve memory,
  • normalize blood pressure and
  • have diuretic properties

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Pu-erh tea leaf, 80 g, KAWON

Description of the product
Original, highest quality red tea called “Queen of Chinese teas”. Subjected to several years of additional fermentation and maturing.

It is distinguished by its specific slightly earthy taste and aroma and a distinctive red-brown color.

Discover the taste of tea formerly a beverage reserved only for emperors.

Package contents: 80 g

Directions for use: pour one teaspoonful of boiling water, mix lightly and immediately pour the infusion, then pour the leaves again with hot water. Perfect for drinking after the second brewing.

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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