ORME – Si Organic silicon with potassium and boron n 1 l glass bottle


Silica has a regenerating, cleansing, anti-fungal and strengthening effect on the human body at all its physical and energetic levels.

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Silicon creates an energy matrix of the human body.

It is an extremely important structural component of connective tissue, and thus has an effect on bone health (prevention of osteoporosis), hair health (less brittle), skin (prevention of wrinkles), nails (durable and elastic), cardiovascular health (prevention of atherosclerosis) , health of the musculoskeletal system (prevention of disappearance of the pulpitis), health of the urinary tract, brain health (prevention of Alzheimer’s disease).

Silica also has a regenerating, cleansing, anti-fungal and strengthening effect on the human body at all its physical and energetic levels.

Endocrine glands can not function well in its absence (hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland (disruption of the endocrine system), thyroid (hypothyroidism, hyperactivity), parathyroid gland, thymus (immune system), adrenal glands, ovaries and testes.

We mentioned the connective tissue. It is the basic tissue that builds the skeleton, cartilage system, blood vessels. Connective tissue creates the filling of the intercellular space, adipose tissue, blood and lymph. Its quality depends on tissue strength and structural stability of the human body.

In order for the bone tissue to rebuild, osteoblasts and other elements of the protein matrix must be created, in which silicon plays an irreplaceable role. The child’s cradle will not grow when the body will not have enough silicon. In the absence of silicon, the skeleton will be deformed.

The health of the arteries and the rest of the circulatory system depends on the quality and strength of the tissues building them, and this depends on the amount of silicon contained in them. If the silicon is too low, calcium takes up its place causing weakness and cracking of the walls, disrupting the gentle blood flow. In order to give the organism the chance to survive, the cracks are glued with substances that transport cholesterol causing even greater problems in the blood flow. It was examined that people with atherosclerosis have less amount of silicon in their blood than healthy people.

In the urinary tract silicon creates protective layers to prevent the formation of urinary stones.

ORME – Si supplement is a product loaded with negative and positive ions, which balance and rebuild damaged or weakened cells, by directly affecting the regeneration process at the cellular level.

Plants absorb silicic acid from the soil and convert to silicon polymerized for mechanical and structural support. This explains why foods with a lot of fiber such as; oats, bran and vegetables contain more silicon.


An unbalanced diet, with a limited amount of vegetables, fruits and cereals, contains less silicon.


Although whole grain food is a natural source of silicon, the silicon contained therein is not soluble and can not be directly absorbed by the digestive system.
Silicon from food is dissolved by stomach acids, creating silicic acid, which is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach and intestines, getting into the blood.

Decreased stomach acidity, whether due to disease or age, reduces the possibility of absorbing silicon from food.

the recommended daily dose (15 ml x 3) contains: 13.60 mg of silicon (SI), 1.85 mg of boron (B), 308.3 mg of potassium (K).

water. orthosilicic acid, stabilized choline, boric acid, sodium chloride, potassium citrate

After opening, consume within 3 months

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