Lady’s Bedstraw 50g / Ziele przytulii właściwej 50g


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Lady’s Bedstraw is extensively used in folk medicine for treating swollen ankles. Due to its powerful diuretic properties, the herb is used to increase the production of urine. This property of the herb helps in solving the problem of water retention in the body. All these actions of Lady’s Bedstraw help in the treatment of Gout.

It is also associated with the treatment of many skin related conditions. The herb helps to solve complaints of poor healing wounds. It also helps in reducing bleeding.

Lady’s Bedstraw is used by some to detoxify the body. Some believe that the herb helps in cleansing the colon. Due to its diuretic effects, it is also associated with the treatment of kidney and bladder irritation. Other common conditions that can be solved using this herb include – epilepsy, loss of appetite, respiratory infections, sexual dysfunction and spasms.

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