Indian Asafoetida Spice Powder 50g.


Asafetyda is a very aromatic and healthy addition to dishes that smells like onions or garlic. The strong aroma disappears when added to the dish, giving it a unique Indian flavour.

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It is a type of gum made from the sap of the roots and stems of the ferula species, a giant fennel that emits a foul odour. Early records indicate that Alexander the Great brought this “stinky finger” west in 4 B.C.E. It was used as a spice in ancient Rome, and although it is not native to India, it has been used in Indian medicine and gastronomy for centuries. Asafoetida was believed to amplify the voices of singers. Asafoetida is mainly grown in Iran and Afghanistan, from where it is exported to the rest of the world. In India, grown in Kashmir. It is a perennial of fennel that grows wild and reaches up to 3.6 m in height in large natural forests where nothing else grows. It has small leaves and yellow flowers. Its roots are thick and long and give off a resin similar to the stems. All parts of the plant have a characteristic foul odour.

In the East, asafoetida is a common ingredient in mixtures known as masala. Most often it is sold in powder; if it is in a lumpy form, wipe it off. Powdered is often sold mixed with flour (e.g. rice, wheat), sometimes with the addition of turmeric and gum arabic. You can also buy pure asafoetida without additives.


It prevents bloating and gas, cleanses the digestive system and facilitates digestion.


Ground asafoetida 100%

Directions for use:

Asafoetides should be used in small amounts, starting with a pinch.


Asafoetides should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

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