Huanarpo Macho Powder 50g Libido enhancer and Aphrodisiac


In herbal medicine systems in Peru, Huanarpo macho is considered aphrodisiac, anti-asthmatic, anti-diabetic, antitussive, anti-ulcerous, and nervine.
It is widely used to restore male sexual potency, for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and as a male sexual tonic and aphrodisiac.

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Huanarpo Macho (Jatropha macrantha) – a shrub with palm-divided leaves and orange-red flowers. It occurs naturally in Peru. For herbal purposes, roots are obtained, the most important active compounds of which are: proanthocyanidins, catechins and sapogenins,
Among the people of Peru, Huanarpo Macho has gained high popularity as a natural aphrodisiac for men, Peruvians are eager to use this raw material to increase sexual performance and increase satisfaction from intimate meetings.
In the local natural medicine, this plant also finds other applications – as a stimulant and strengthening the body at the level of the respiratory, urinary and nervous systems,
This plant is a valuable position among herbs, especially for men who want to take care of their hormonal balance and feel the fullness of their male power,

Health-promoting properties:
Has a positive effect on sexual performance,
Increases the level of libido,
Supports the proper hormonal balance in men,
The highest quality product,
Country of origin: Peru,
Ingredients: Bark huanarpo macho 100%.

Recommended use :INFUSION
Pour 100 ml of boiling water over 1 flat teaspoon, drink it with sediment after cooling.
Use 2-3 times a day before a meal.

Huanarpo Macho is also good prepared as an alcohol tincture.
Combine 1 part bark powder with 4 parts 90 proof alcohol (everclear or vodka). Allow to macerate for 2 weeks while agitating solution daily. Strain into a clean bottle and seal. It is traditionally taken in dosages of 3 ml (90 drops) twice daily or as needed.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children!
Store in a dry, cool place.
Keep away from direct sunlight.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

Plant part: bark
Harvesting method: Conventional
Traditional Medicine: Amazonia
Country of origin: Peru
Health: Normal potency
Application: Libido support, Energy, Testosterone boosters

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