Enterosgel 14 Capsules


It is a white mass – odorless and tasteless, consisting of gel-like particles, has the structure of a porous organosilicon matrix (cell sponge) and is characterized by an absorbent and detoxifying effect.

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ENTEROSGEL – original recipe

We currently have enterosgel in two variants:

Classic gel in the 405g package

Enterosgel capsules are ideal for the road, for children or people who find it difficult to swallow the tasteless gel – the package contains 14 capsules, 400 mg each.

Enterosel was developed in the 1980s by order of the USSR Ministry of Defense. It is a unique detoxification and absorption agent, patented worldwide. It has the highest sorption activity (capacity) – 5 μmol / g of all known sorbents, as well as selectivity. Enterosel binds and then removes from the body only toxins, pathological organisms and metabolic waste, without affecting the beneficial substances: micro and macro elements, vitamins, amino acids, proteins. The preparation has only molecular physical and mechanical effects; no chemical reaction occurs during use. The sorbent proved its effectiveness in treating the injured in Afghanistan in Central Asia and in eliminating the consequences of accidents at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


It is a white mass – odorless and tasteless, consisting of gel-like particles, has the structure of a porous organosilicon matrix (cell sponge) and is characterized by an absorbent and detoxifying effect.


Hydrated methyl silicate – hydrogel (CH3SiO1.5), H2O.


It dissolves in the stomach, binding many water molecules, creating a permanent absorbent gel, which is a “trap” for “garbage” poisoning our body. Effectively absorbs the digestive tract and blood (through the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract), and then removes endogenous (formed in the body) and exogenous (externally) toxic substances, end products of metabolism: urea, creatinine, phenol derivatives, indole, mercapt and other products protein degradation, aromatic hydrocarbons, their derivatives, bilirubin, cholesterol, antigens, residual chemicals, organic solvents, toxic nitrates, poisons, heavy metal salts, radionuclides and alcohol. Due to hydrophobic bonds, food allergens are absorbed and eliminated from the body, incomplete allergens (haptens) and complete allergens. The absorbent perfectly absorbs bacteria: staphylococci, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Clostrida, enterococci, Helicobacter pylori and others, eliminates the excessive growth of the pathological flora of Candida albicans, influenza viruses, influenza viruses, rotavirus viruses, worm viruses, worms, lamella worms, and absorbs amoebas. , the toxins they emit and their eggs. The gel absorbs metabolic products: bilirubin, uric acid, cholesterol, lipid complexes, as well as metabolites responsible for the development of endogenous toxicity and aggressive gastric and bile acids. It protects and promotes the regeneration of the gastric and intestinal epithelial membrane, restores a healthy bacterial flora of the digestive tract, has a positive effect on the digestive process,


Metabolic diseases:

We use when overweight, after weight loss, cleansing the body after antibiotic therapy, the drug is necessary for people who constantly use chemicals and insulin, avoid secondary poisoning and reduce the main dose, high cholesterol, triglycerides, bilirubin in the blood, acidosis – acidification of the body, excessive sweating;


acute and chronic hepatitis, hepatitis A and B, cirrhosis, fatty infiltration, liver failure;

Cardiovascular system:

heavy, thick blood saturated with cholesterol, lipids, and toxins;


work with harmful substances, environmental pollution, acute and chronic body poisoning (mushroom poisoning, poison, drugs, alcohol, alkaloids, heavy metal salts, contaminated water, spoiled food, etc.)

Infectious disease:

viral, bacterial, parasitic enteritis, salmonellosis, dysentery, dysentery, intestinal bacterial imbalance, giardiasis, parasitic infestation, food poisoning, intestinal flu;


chronic gastroenteritis, food allergies, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, diabetes mellitus type I and II, chronic or acute pancreatitis, high levels of sugar, gases, septic processes in the gastrointestinal tract;


glomerulonephritis, acute and chronic renal failure, cystitis, urinary tract infection, kidney disease with metabolic disorders, kidney stones, gout, high levels of uric acid indicated in dialysis patients;

Dermatology, allergology:

dermatoses, allergies, chronic eczema, psoriasis, steroid acne, food allergies, other skin reactions caused by poisoning

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