Diatomaceous Earth Powder 1kg (Fossil shell Flour) FARMVIT


Cleansing your body, ensuring clean intestines,
Removal of parasites from your digestive system,
Healthy hair, nails and joints,
Improvement of metabolism, weight loss, healthy figure,
Neutral pH reaction, Detoxification.

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Diatomaceous earth is Composed of shells of unicellular algae – diatoms.
It is created as sediment in lakes and seas. Amorphous diatomaceous earth to FARMVIT comes from sediments in New Mexico of unique purity and quality.
It contains less than 0.5% of crystal forms. It bonds with gastric acid as a result creating biologically active orthosilicic acid That can be absorbed by your body.

Nature is wonderful in terms of complexity of the structure of those microscopic diatoms. We live in a toxic environment. The easiest way to help our body is to remove the toxins – the cause of our health problems. A single dose of diatomaceous earth contains millions of negatively charged diatom shells. They attract positively charged endotoxins, pesticides and drug residue as well as heavy metals, capturing them in the cylindrical structure of their shells. They are then passed out of the body. Additionally, shell cylinders and are very hard and when they pass through your intestine they scrape its walls, removing contamination from your body without damage to your intestine mucous membrane and walls. After a few months of taking diatomaceous earth, your bowels are clean and may effectively absorb nutritional elements. Detoxification improves your immune system, resulting in better defence against parasites and diseases.

Better metabolism – weight loss
Overweight people usually have a problem with slower metabolism. Restoring your body’s natural vital powers through detoxification of your digestive system and general detoxification of your whole body and strengthening it, brings back your natural balance and vital powers.

Combating parasites
Despite development of technology, no human invention can match the power of nature in its simplicity and effectiveness. This method is also completely safe for humans. Parasites are not able to survive when they come in contact with diatoms which damage their protective covers and their cause dehydration. At the same time, they clean your body with toxins and facilitating removing them from the body. Organisms living in a human body are countless. Only a small portion of them are detected during standard tests. Some of them are very harmful extracting toxins into the host body; others deprive you of important nutritional elements. Diatomaceous earth returns natural balance to your body. As diatomaceous earth is 100% natural and has overall positive effect, it is easier and cheaper to undergo diatom treatment than complex parasite tests. You will also draw other benefits from this treatment.

Beautiful skin, hair and nails
Isn’t it better to take care of your skin’s health than spend money on substances that only mask worrying signals sent by your body? Pimples on your skin are meant to remove toxins and to prevent them it is sufficient to help your body in cleansing itself. It is necessary to supplement silica deficiency in your body to have healthy skin, hair and nails. Supporting natural regeneration processes of your body through simple delivery of necessary components gives long-lasting effect that cannot be obtained with cosmetics. Dull, brittle, thin, lifeless, split hair and damaged brittle nails are a sign of silica deficiency in your body. You should give a chance to your hair roots and nails to properly function delivering their natural building material – silica.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural source of silica
Some shells are metabolized in your digestive system changing chemical form from silica (silicon dioxide) to biologically active orthosilicic acid which may bring you great benefit, for example lessen joint and back pain, increase vitality, resilience and wellbeing, lessen skin problems such as psoriasis or rash, arthritis improve, speed up wound healing, prevent upper respiratory tract infections, improve allergies such as hay fever or food allergies, prevent high blood pressure, prevent constipation, decrease insomnia, improve sexual potency, speed up healing bone fractures.

Silica you can’t live without it
In the old days, living closer to nature people had access to sufficient amounts of silica. According to specialist recommendations, human body needs a minimum of 55 mg of pure silica per day throughout its lifetime. Currently, researchers say that fruit and vegetable deliver just 20% of your silica requirement. You should remember that some silica is passed out every day through the urinary system. More and more popular vegetable growing method without contact with soil means that they do not contain sufficient microelements absolutely crucial for your health.

Instructions for use:
Start taking 1 spoon of diatomaceous earth on an empty stomach in the form of lukewarm water suspension. Gradually, increase weekly your daily dose up to 5 spoons. The pace of increasing your daily dose usually takes a few weeks. You should observe the reaction of your body. Use this treatment for a few months. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Ingredients: 100% amorphous diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide 92%).

Storage: Store in a dry place. Keep away from children. The possibility of seizing the eyes.
Date of expiration: The product has expired indefinitely.

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