Dandelion Root 50g


Powerful antioxidant, resistant to swelling, effctive in digestive system, gallbladder and more!

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Powerful Antioxidant, Resistant to Swelling

Dandelion contains chemicals whose biological activities are actively being explored for roles in human health. In particular, evidence suggests that dandelion contains antioxidant and redness-resistant compounds.

The Institute of Agricultural Medicine in Poland tested therapeutic herbs for kynurenic acid, an amino acid that has generated interest for digestive system support, specifically bile production. The highest concentration of this compound was detected in dandelion.

Relation to the Liver

Acetaminophen toxicity causes oxidative stress in the liver. Could natural antioxidant compounds counteract it? A study designed to answer that question found that dandelion extract demonstrated antioxidant activity against free radicals to counteract acetaminophen liver toxicity.

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