Colvita Natural Collagen+Algae+Vitamin E,highly absorbable collagen, 60 capsules


Hydrates the deeper layers of the connective tissue and improves the condition of skin, hair, nails.

Recommended for active people, metabolizing protein at physical work in training builds muscle mass ,also recommended for rehabilitation after injuries the motor organs and joints.

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Colvita is a completely new approach to the problem of care for tissues composed of collagen. This supplement is a coping stone of work on a group of products derived from fish collagen which stops time for good. Thanks to the Vitamin E supplement, the skin is smoother and softer and when used simultaneously with Collagen gel and its derivatives from the outside – it also becomes better moisturized and nurtured.
The human collagen chains are composed of about 20 amino acids. Only part of it the body produce in metabolic processes, the rest must be supplied in food. It is worth to nourish in a way that provides constant replenishing of the amino acids – storage for cells that produce and service collagen. Colvita is produced from lyophilised fish collagen. The triple helix collagen, similar to the construction of the DNA helix spirals, but functioning in the extra-cellular space is the carrier of information about amino acid reserves for vertebrates.
Lyophilisation is freezing pure collagen to minus 40°C under vacuum conditions and subliminal removal of water from it (drying). This ensures the highest purity, biological durability of nutrients and amino-acids preserved in the natural form. This process also allows the components to maintain an excellent hygroscopicity of the product, and therefore, extremely high assimilability.

Colvita contains a unique tertiary collagen obtained in the molecular form through the lyophilisation of collagen hydrate. It does not contain hydrolysates. It is the only diet supplement produced this way. Colvita is the result of a unique combination of components that help to supplement from the inside the most important tissue of human body – connecting tissue.

Components and their description:

Collagen is the most important protein in human body and main component of connecting tissue. It is directly responsible for the condition of the skin, eyeballs, bone matrix, hair and nails. It is produced and serviced by productive cells: fibroblasts, and chondrocytes. The state of body collagen determines the biological age of human, which can easily be observed on the basis of changes in the appearance of the skin. Collagen, which is the main component of Colvita is a lyophilized uniquely on a global scale hydrate of tropo-collagen from fish skin, with chain structures α1 and α2 almost identical to human’s. The bio-assimilable collagen contained in Colvita provides peptides, free amino acids and amino acid hydroxyls, including hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine.
Algae (Fucus vesiculosus) is obtained from the clear waters of the Brehat. Marine algae used in manufacturing our product was not selected as a component of Colvita from a variety of plant extracts by accident. It contain vitamins, macro-and microelements, including trace elements, peptides and amino acids as well as essential amino acids. Such composition is conducive for proper hydration, appearance and condition of our skin. The mineral components so-called; biogenic elements play an important role in body nutrition. The role of micro and macro-elements, as well as amino acids – in the metabolic system is much broader than the role of vitamins. Mineral components are essential to the body for building purposes (especially in the bone tissue); they constitute part of the body fluids, certain enzymes, high energy compounds, etc. They also influence the regulation of functions of organs and the whole body. The specific role of minerals is to maintain homeostasis, which is the internal balance of the body.
Particular attention should be paid to iodine, which occurs naturally in marine algae, and that fulfils its significant task as a structural component of thyroid hormones. In addition, iodine influences the maintenance of a proper structure of the hair, nails and Skin.
Vitamin E — is present in many dietary supplements because is known as the best and very effective anti-oxidant. The effect of synthetic vitamin E compared to obtained from natural sources is very weak. In Colvita, D-alpha-tocopherol is used – a form of vitamin E obtained from natural sources and which exhibits a high biological activity. The properties of vitamin E were decisive in its choice as a component of Colvita.
Vitamin E protects against degeneration of the most important stronghold of youth and vitality – the genetic code of skin cell – the DNA. Therefore, this vitamin is considered as an important factor in inhibiting the aging process. During the design process of Colvita the addition of several active substances to the composition, including those supporting the synthesis of collagen were deliberately abandoned. The focus was on making Colvita a unique supplement that will give users the most of all, defined benefits and safety.

lemon fruit lyophilizate (carrier), algae (Fucus Vesiculosus), fish gelatin (capsul, collagen lyophilizate, vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol), anti caking agent( colloidal silica) tocotrientols ( delta and gamma)

Recommended daily intake:
2 capsules daily during or after meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. The product is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balance diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for maintaining good health. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product.
Storage conditions:
Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature, out of the reach of small children.

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