Colon Care 3 IN 1, Detox, Parasite Remover, Weight Control


Removes parasites and toxins from the system,
Cleansing herbs and two types of fibre to purification of intestines,
Regenerates urinary, intestinal and immunological system,




    Colon Care is a kit consisting of three products:
    Parasite Remover, Vital Fibre Care, Colon Tea Care. These three strong products ensure the best level of detoxification of your organism.

Parasite Removal is designed to assist in cleansing your body and removing unwanted parasites and toxins from your organism. It contains the highest quality herbal components renowned for their cleansing properties. It will help you effectively cleanse your body of parasites and toxins without any side-effects common to chemical preparations. While cleansing, the supplement also alleviates ailments of the urinary duct and the digestive system.
Composition: Common Knotgrass Herb, Italian Nutshell, Fennel Fruit, Dianthus, Garlic, Peppermint Leaf, Salvia Leaf, Gentiana Root, Trigonella Seeds, Chamomile Flower, Black Pepper Fruit, Thyme Leaf, gelatine (vegetable).

Vital Fibre Care is designed to assist in cleansing your body.
It contains the highest quality herbal components known for their cleansing properties.
This balanced formula uses dozens of herbs and soluble and insoluble fibres.
Tests demonstrate that soluble fibre has many beneficial effects for the human organism while insoluble fibre helps remove toxins and other impurities (e.g. fecal deposits) from the intestine.
Fibre is also helpful in controlling body weight since it makes a person feel that their stomach is satiated and so reduces the appetite. It is beneficial to the digestive duct and assists in proper digestion and excretion.


Viola Tricolour Flower, Pumpkin Seeds, Aloe, Cayenne Pepper Fruits, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint Leaf, Plantago Psyllium Seeds, Lemon Peel, Hibiscus Flower, Italian Nutshell, Heather Flower, Taraxacum Officinale Root, Trigonella Seeds, Garlic, Ginger Root, Papaya Fruit. Eubatus Palicats Leaf, Corn Stigma, Red Elm Bark, Yucca Root, Guar Gum, Frutose, Maltodextrin, Oligosaccharides, Orange and Banana flavour.

Colon Tea Care is a tea composed of natural components, helping with removal of toxic substances from the organism. Suitably selected components improve the functions of the stomach, the intestine and the kidneys and cause better absorption of nutrients by the organism. It facilitates bowel movements.
Comopostion: Alexandrian Senna 650mg, Buckthorn Bark 600mg, Wild rose 430mg, Orange Peel 200mg, Peppermint Leaf 60mg, Chamomile Flower 40mg, Marshmallow Root 20mg.


In order to maintain optimal health it is recommended to use Colon Care twice a year (or more frequently if necessary).

Note: We do not recommend the above programme for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
Application of Colon Care 3 IN 1, Complete Body Detox has no impact on your current therapy administered by your doctor.

All products may be used separately.

Benefits of Complete Body Detox with Colon Care 3 IN 1:
helps to purge the organism of toxins and other useless substances in a natural way,
supports proper functioning of the stomach and the intestine (removes fecal deposits, relieves constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhoea, flatulence, hyperacidity and heartburn),
prevents development of tumors,
regenerates intestinal, urinary and immunological systems,
causes better absorption of nutrients,
helps to remove excess water from the organism,
prepares the digestive duct for removal of useless chemical compounds,
alleviates ailments of the digestive and urinary systems,
deactivates and eliminates parasitic organisms,
eliminates impurities and toxins from the organism,
helps to cleanse colon and liver,
provides fibre that is essential for the proper functioning of the stomach and the intestine,
helps maintain body weight,


If you notice every day symptoms as: Constipation,Flatulence, Stomach ache, Anemia, Constant fatigue,
Allergies, Depression, Diarrhea, Enlargement of lymph node, Fever,Wind, Symptoms of common cold, Night gnashing of teeth, Rash, Intestinal hypersensitivity, Annoyance, Jaundice, Joint and muscular pains
Eye reddening, Sleeping problems, Overweight, Underweight, Nervousness

If, despite the use of a diet, you are not able to lose redundant kilos, then it means your organism is contaminated with toxins from food, parasites and worms.

Expert gastroenterologists say a contaminated colon is responsible for 90% of cases of diseases of the alimentary tract.

As much as 60% of the population complains about more or less serious constipation, but we do not pay enough attention to this fact.

The same is true about de-worming – while we regularly apply it to our animals, it does not occur to us that we ourselves can be infested with worms or parasites.

Nevertheless quite often – in more than one case in a 100 – we are hosting worms and parasites.

Positive Detoxicating Reactions
Positive reactions can be observed after only a few days.
They include regulation of bowel movement, significant memory improvement, lack of flatulence in the epigastrium, a better mood, increased vitality, loss of weight from 2 to 12 kilos within 4-6 weeks, quieter sleeping.

User’s Guide to Colon Care:

1. Always begin your treatment with Parasite Remover:
Take orally – during the first 10 days two capsules a day in the morning (approximately 30 minutes before breakfast), then for the next 20 days increase up to 4 capsules a day (in the morning). Wash down with a glass of still water or juice.

2. After approximately 15 to 30 minutes, move on to the Vital fibre Care:
Take orally – during the first 7 days use 1 flat scoop, then from the 8th day increase to 2 flat scoops. Approximately 15 minutes before breakfast using the enclosed plastic scoop, mix Vital fibre Care in a glass with still (preferably warm) water, juice or other drink, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. It is advisable to take one more glass of liquid with your breakfast (preferably still water).

3. In the evening, before going to sleep, drink Colon Care Tea, prepared according to the following recommendation:
Put one sachet into a glass and pour in hot, but not boiling, water. For the first 7 days leave the sachet in the cup for 1 or max 2 minutes, then you can extend the brewing time to 5–8 minutes and, if you need to, squeeze out the tea from the sachet. You will have to find out how long to brew the tea to suit your body. Some people need only 1–2 minutes; others may need longer.

We do not recommend the above programme for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for young people below 18 years of age. People with serious health problems, or diseases of the digestive tract such as enteritis or ulceration, should first consult their doctor. Colon Care 3 IN 1 is a kit consisting of three products: Parasite Remover, Vital Fibre Care, Colon Care Tea. These three strong products ensure the best level of detoxification of your organism.

Made in Europe.

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