Colloidal Silver 150 ppm, 500ml glass bottle , monoatomic ionic condensed


Colloidal silver with very fine individual Ag ++ particles is obtained from the silver of the highest sample 0.999, condensed – 150 ppm

strengthens immunity,
works like an antibiotic,
expels heavy metals from the body 

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Colloidal silver, monoatomic ionic condensed 150 ppm

500 ml capacity

Colloidal silver with very fine individual Ag ++ particles is obtained from the silver of the highest sample 0.999, condensed – 150 ppm.

The product is tested and registered in the CPNP (Cosmetics Application Reporting Portal) as a cosmetic for external use, not as a medicine or a dietary supplement. EU regulations prohibit the use of colloidal silver preparations internally. Nevertheless, in the publications indicated in this tab, it was indicated that the best way, with systematic intake, is to administer silver orally. It is recommended that the silver be kept in the mouth for a few seconds (under the tongue) so that part of the silver is absorbed by the mucosa. In this way, we will prevent damage to the intestinal flora.

Already in antiquity or at the beginning of the twentieth century silver was considered one of the most effective medicinal preparations, which later (for obvious reasons) were replaced with antibiotic therapy. From 1938. Colloidal silver is used in medicine. Colloidal silver combats over 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms: single and small cell parasites, streptococci, staphylococcus, viruses, molds and fungi (regulates the number of Candida fungi, among others). The tiny silver particles block the enzyme responsible for obtaining oxygen in microorganisms. They inhibit the metabolism of microorganisms, which causes their death and expulsion from the body. It is recommended during the treatment to use probiotic preparations supporting the removal of pathogens from the body. Recommended for use also in animals and plants.

It has a very broad spectrum of activity that has been described and researched scientifically:

strengthens immunity,
works like an antibiotic,
expels heavy metals from the body (behaves like a free radical binding excess electrons)
Combats infections caused by streptococci, staphylococci,
has a rejuvenating effect – it smoothes the skin,
it soothes and accelerates the healing of bruises and boils,
has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic (inhibits the secretion of histamine and prostaglandin) – reduces swelling after an insect bite,
helps in the treatment of diabetes,
recommended for cosmetic treatments,
wonderfully models and arranges hair,
it has astringent effect on the surface of open wounds, significantly accelerating the healing process
under the influence of colloidal silver, all pathogenic microorganisms that have become resistant to antibiotics, die
perfect as a disinfectant, it is great for traveling to the decontamination of hands,
removes parasites such as: human worm, pinworms, echinococcus,
removes fungus (Candida), molds.

Therefore, colloidal silver helps in:

“Skin diseases (cleansing): acne, boil, skin mycosis, shingles, sunburn, eczema, skin cancer, lupus, infectious impetigo, pimples on the scalp, psoriasis, seborrhea, urticaria, warts, rosacea, herpes, secretion sweat with a very intense odor
eye diseases: inflammation of the eye, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, lacrimal gland inflammation, corneal ulcer
diseases of the digestive system such as: diarrhea, gastritis, hemorrhoids, pruritus around the anus, dysentery, salmonella, stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, gastrointestinal mycosis,
respiratory diseases: influenza, whooping cough, legionnaire disease, pneumonia, almond inflammation, runny nose, rhinitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis
diseases of the nervous system: meningitis, Menier’s disease (excessive accumulation and pressure increase in the labyrinth), Neurastenia (overwork),
diseases of the genitourinary system: cystitis, gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, orchitis, prostate problems,
Other diseases: sepsis, diabetes, inflammation of the auditory canal, boil, ulcers, postpartum fever, leprosy, malaria, periodontitis, polio, scarlet fever, syphilis, tetanus, typhus, burns, help in the treatment of rheumatic diseases “.
source Dr. Jozef Pies – “Practical manual colloidal silver”


Colloidal silver should be stored in the original bottle far from electromagnetic radiation. Do not expose to direct light, especially sunlight! After opening the bottle, use within 30 days or pour into a smaller, dark bottle by filling it with a cork. If you are allergic to silver, use caution.


Colloidal silver must not come into contact with metal or plastic. Silver should be measured eg in a glass glass: 1 tablespoon corresponds to 8-10ml, 1 teaspoon corresponds to 3ml.

Physicians in the case of chronic diseases recommend higher doses of colloid, while in the case of, for example, a cold or in the case of sensitive people, it is recommended to take smaller doses. Due to the high concentration of Colloidal Colloidal Silver, it is less necessary to obtain a healing effect.

A deeply distilled water with a suitable charge was used to obtain the colloid

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