Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Seeds Oil 60 capsules 500 mg


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1 capsule contains: cold-pressed evening primrose seeds oil, gelatin, glycerin (binder).


Content for the recommended daily portion (six capsules):


6 capsules

Poliunsaturated fatty acids    1,764 g


– GLA acid (gamma-linolenic)           0,189 g

– Monounsaturated fatty acids           0,174 g

– Saturated fatty acids           0,162 g

Protein in product originates from natural animal raw material.



Keep at room temperature 15ºC do 25ºC in dry place. Keep off the light. Keep in child-proof place.



The preparation is intended to be used as an everyday dietary supplement with ingredients contained in essential unsaturated fatty acids of omega-6 family, especially GLA acid. As the essential unsaturated fatty acids participate in performing important physiological functions, they should be present in our everyday diet.

Scientific research shows that: long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (incl. GLA) have a beneficial effect on the blood circulatory system essential unsaturated fatty acids are not synthesized in human body and must be provided in food long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are important building material for human body natural fatty acid GLA should be a component of the diet of a person with allergy maintaining the appropriate level of the GLA acid is important for women in their pre-menstrual phase.



2 capsules 3 times a day at meals.



60 capsules. 500 mg / 1 capsule.

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