Clean Point – Herbal Tampon For Feminine Care


Have a healing effect on such diseases as: bleeding (irregular menstrual cycles), anemia, amenorrhea uterine haemorrhage, fibroids, cysts, uterine polyps, neoplastic changes, endometriosis,

Helpful to repair cell and improve cell regeneration,
Bacteria is excreted from the body (as a preventive measure),
Restores functions, retards aging process and delays menopause,
Moisturizes and nourishes vagina,
Inflammation of the uterus, cervix and endometrium are reduced due to the presence of powerful healing herbs, Cervical erosion and dysplasia, Genital itching.

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The formula of the preparation comes from the ancient sources of Chinese medicine and has over 5,000 years of tradition.

The preparation helps and soothes: urological inflammation, cervical erosions, pelvic inflammation, inflammation of the genital organs, hemorrhoids (wound healing, bleeding, elimination of tumors), urinary incontinence, cystitis, mycoses and many other ailments. The prophylactic and therapeutic preparation complies with the GMP standards and standards (quality standard, produced in strictly sterile conditions, without chemical additives), has been tested under climatic conditions in over 1000 cases and has been certified as safe, non-toxic and without side effects.

Here are a few herbs that work particularly well for a variety of women’s problems that are used to make Clean Point tampons: Angelica, Calamus (Calamus draco), Cinnamomum cassia, Syringa, Acacia, Coptis chinensis.

Indications for the use of “Clean Point” tampons:

Thanks to the presence of powerful medicinal herbs, inflammation of the uterus, cervix and endometrium is reduced

Cervical erosion and dysplasia,

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) / Adnexa,

Yeast infection or Candida infections,


Urinary incontinence,

Cystitis and other inflammation in the pelvic area,

Genital itching,

Urinary incontinence,



and many other ailments.

The uterus and vagina are cleaned of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Prophylactic cleansing action: bacteria are excreted from the body (prophylactically).

How to use:

Wash your hands thoroughly and open the pouch containing one tampon;

Pull out the tampon string;

Insert the tampon into the vagina to a depth of about 7 cm;

You must remove the tampon after 3 days;

One tampon can be used for 3 days only;

Rinse (rub) the vagina with Chamomile or Oak Bark etc.;

Insert another new tampon 24 hours later after removing the first one;

Used to treat the perineum.

WARNING: Pay particular attention to:
The preparation belongs to medicinal preparations and is used in the prevention of gynaecological diseases

Do not use during the menstrual cycle, in pregnant women and vagrants

Do not use the preparation in people who are allergic to any of the ingredients

Use of the preparation for external purposes only, as indicated above

During the use of the preparation, they cannot coexist (refrain from intercourse)

Do not use the preparation 7 days before the menstrual cycle and at the earliest 5 days after the menstrual cycle

The “tampon” is worn for 3 days only, then taken off and then another new one can be put on after 24 hours

The treatment provides 6 packages, in the case of acute inflammation, the procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, in the case of endometritis, 4 packages are indicated, in the case of inflammation in the area of ​​the uterus 5 packages

One tampon is for single use only!

For normal menstrual cycles, 2 “tampons” are recommended to effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

Prophylactically, it is recommended to use 1-2 “tampons” per month

The preparation shortens the folds and nourishes the body

Chinese treatments for plants that are part of the preparation have a healing effect on such diseases as:
bleeding (irregular menstrual cycles), anemia, amenorrhea
uterine haemorrhage, fibroids, cysts, uterine polyps, neoplastic changes, endometriosis,

The product has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, removes toxins, viruses and fungi from the body, cleans bacterial germs, renews and regenerates mucous membranes and tissues.
It has an analgesic effect in the area of ​​the lower back and abdomen, legs, improves blood circulation, improves the skin tone of the face, smoothes wrinkles, reduces spots, cleanses and rejuvenates the body, shrinks the vagina and substring out the uterus.

Storage: closed and store in a dark, dry and ventilated place.

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