CHUAN LIAN ZI (CHAO) 100g, Granulated Herbs


Pharmacological properties: bitter, irritating, strengthening herb with strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and detoxifying properties.

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Chuan Lian Zi (CHAO) – the CHOA form is another form of herb preparation, it is roasted – which makes it better absorbed) in the form of granules 100 g
Latin name: Toosendan (Melia), Fructus

Description: Herbal concentrate in the form of a water-soluble powder. After dissolving in water, the powder is ready for consumption. The package contains 100 g of concentrate.

Neem grows wild in central China, India, Vietnam, and the Himalayas. The plant has long been used in Ayurveda for the prevention and treatment of a whole range of chronic diseases and acute inflammations. It is one of the most important antidotes in Indian medicine and a strong antipyretic is very popular in Asia, especially in India and Burma due to the prevalence of infections and various parasites. It has now been found to contain ingredients with antimalarial properties.

Pharmacological properties: bitter, irritating, strengthening herb with strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and detoxifying properties.
Azadirachtin – a substance that is toxic to parasites and prevents them from eating, in a short time the parasites die of starvation and are then excreted from the body.
The preparation reduces fever, stimulates and cleanses the liver, biliary and digestive systems,
inhibits the growth of intestinal bacteria,
regulates the body’s lipid balance,
lowers the level of triglycerides and cholesterol,
cleanses the blood, binds and removes toxins, various proteins, ketone bodies.
Margosine works similarly to acetylsalicylic acid – it inhibits the formation of platelet clots,
disinfects the digestive tract, urinary tract from bacteria and parasite residues.
Organic copper compounds contained in the plant determine the appropriate amount of white blood cells, and therefore the body’s resistance necessary to fight infections.

Intended use :
overgrowth of pathological flora,
parasite infection,
Human worm,
human pinworms,
duodenal hookworm,
liver disorders,
stagnant bile,
chronic inflammation of the pancreas, stomach, intestines,
abdominal pain,
mechanical jaundice,
constipation or bacterial or parasitic diarrhea.

Composition: Chuan Lian Zi (Melia, Fructus) 86% Extractum 5: 1 Fructus

Meliae Toosendan – Dried neem fruits are peeled and then extracted into rice wine.

Action and indications
Stimulates the Qi circulation and relieves pain: for pain in the sides of the body and ribs, abdominal pain and because of liver Qi stagnation or dysfunction between the liver and stomach; with a hernia; at signs of heat. It cleanses heat, dries moisture, regulates Qi and relieves pain: for pain in the upper abdomen, abdomen and sides of the body for hernia pain due to Qi stagnation caused by moist heat. It destroys parasites and relieves pain: in case of infection with roundworm or tapeworm. Used externally in the form of a powder for mycosis of the scalp.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, lactation period, individual intolerance to the preparation. It is not given to very weak patients

Contraindications and warnings
Contraindicated in cases of cold resulting from a deficiency in the spleen and stomach.
Overdose causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea as well as dyspnoea and arrhythmia.

Taste: Bitter

Dosage: as recommended by a traditional Chinese medicine therapist / herbalist, doctor or pharmacist

Basic treatment 1-2 packages.

Parallel supplying the body with higher doses of natural vitamin C: Alpha Sorb-C – 500, C-500, Super C-1000 complex, but the best will be liposomal vitamin C – its administration every 6 hours after 1 dose will accelerate the therapeutic process

Producer; Phoenix
The above descriptions contain terms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), therefore, for people without sufficient knowledge of TCM, they may be incomprehensible. The above information cannot be treated as the only source of knowledge about the herb described. Before use, consult a TCM therapist / herbalist, doctor or pharmacist. Chinese (pin yin), Latin and Polish names based on: TCM Wiki, American Dragon, Wikipedia. Action and indications, contraindications and warnings, and taste based on: Materia Medica TCM.
Over many years of practice, I had tried all of the herbal granules and powders available on the market and I can confidently say that Phoenix Medical is the best there is. Phoenix’s products are extremely easy to dispense and they do not clump like other brands. I started using Phoenix/Tianjiang concentrated herbal granules two years ago and since then, my patients have seen significant improvements with their treatments compared with other brands.

Ai Zhong Chen / TCM Practitioner, Chinese Hospital Birmingham

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