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Chickpea paste with  linseed and black sesame 

Vegan food

Gluten free

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Very tasty, vegetable chickpeas paste with linseed and black sesame seeds.
It contains only natural ingredients. Great for spreading bread.
The darker layer under the lid does not affect the product’s quality.

ingredients: 60% boiled chickpeas, water, sesame tahini pulp, lemon juice,
olive oil, linseed 3%, spices, black sesame 0.8%, salt
nutritional value in 100g:
– energy value: 636kJ / 153kcal
– fat: 8.9g of saturated fatty acids: 1.2g
– carbohydrates: 9.4g including sugars: 0.7g
– fiber: 7.3g
– protein: 5.2 g
– salt: 1.1g

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