Celandine tincture 1:1 50ml


The greater celandine tincture, also known as wart-weed, can be applied externally to warts and corns. Some medical books recommend its internal use for the relief of stomach cramps associated with poor digestion.

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Celandine tincture 1: 1

Herb is used as a herbal raw material. The most important active substances are isoquinoline alkaloids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, resins, essential oils, biogenic amines, choline, lectins, locks, proteolytic enzymes and glycogen.
Used in Traditional European Medicine.
Calms down and makes it easier to fall asleep.
In a convenient and very well absorbed form of tincture.

Celandine herb, certified alcohol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, apple cider vinegar.

Recommended usage
Addition to creams, ointments, liniments.
Recommended concentration 5-50%.
Apply to changed places. Leave to absorb. Cosmetic raw material.

For external use.

Storage method
Store in a cool place, out of reach of light, out of reach of children.

The product should not be used by children, pregnant and lactating women.

Part of the plant: herb
Health: Skin health
Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy, Do not use during lactation, Do not use in young children, For external use, Contains alcohol.

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