Caucasian Hellebore Herbs 10g overweight, diabetes mellitus, purification of body



diabetes mellitus

purification of the body

urologic diseases

gastrointestinal disorders

gastric ulcer

duodenal ulcer

hyperfunction of thyroid gland



brain concussion

bronchitis, chronic bronchitis

joints diseases, degenerative disk disease of spine

rheumatism arthritis

cysts, mastopathy




pain in joints

and much more..

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Treatment of diseases with hellebore

The hellebore normalizes metabolism and is a perfect remedy for losing weight, it decreases sugar level in diabetes mellitus, normalizes blood pressure in hypertonic disease. Particularity of losing weight using hellebore is that there are no hanging folds forming on the skin.
The herb aids in cleaning of the body from slags, toxins, radionuclides, heavy metals salts.
The herb possesses pronounced action in treatment of urologic diseases, in particular in treatment of pyelonephritis, including the one of purulent type. In combination with European madder and agrimony it can be used to treat kidney stone disease.
The hellebore can be used to treat diseases related to gastrointestinal tract disorders;
In combination with the extract of Japanese pagoda tree it can be used to treat the hyperfunction of thyroid gland, it also aids with resolution of nodules and cysts in thyroid gland. There were noted multiple cases of complete recovery.
Hellebore is an effective aid for the patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. It is the first aid both for prevention and for treatment of the diseases.
The fatty oils of the root suppress the growth of cancer cells.
The herb possesses diuretic and laxative effect – it cleans the mucosal membranes and normalizes the processes in intestine, excretes sand and salts from kidneys and urine ducts. The herb has cholangogic and spasmolytic action, aids in deep cleaning of the liver and prevents bile congestion, preventing the formation of stones in gall bladder.
The herb can be used in headaches after traumas and brain concussions.
In the epilepsy it decreases the number of seizures.
The herb is used to treat respiratory organs, as it loosens the sputum and aids in its release. The herb is a very potent treatment for joints disease. The pain syndromes stop on second or third month of intake. In this case for achievement of optimal effect the treatment with hellebore shall be combined with the use of black bryony. The further intake removes inflammation, restores water-salt balance, resulting in excretion of salts from joints.
The herb is a potent anti-tumor remedy, and can be used to treat chronic ovaries inflammation, chronic prostatitis of congestive and infectious type, hemorrhoids. The anti-tumor activity of the Caucasian hellebore greatly surpasses that of such herbs as celandine, globe thistle, thistle etc. There were noted multiple cases of complete treatment of infertility.
The herb has expressed effect on nervous system. Due to the normalizing effect on the organism the herb affects the mind: some patients calm down, some have tonus increased, but all of them display the increased calmness, confidence, level-headedness, working capacity.
The hellebore concoction shall be rubbed into sick sites in rheumatism and degenerative disk diseases, as well as in joint pains.
Thanks to the cardiac glycosides contained in hellebore the pharmaceutical industry used the herb to manufacture Corelborinum which was prescribed in circulation disorders and heart failure. Hellebore stimulates the heart and increases the blood flow to the myocardium. It is prescribed to patients with stroke in combination with the extract of Japanese pagoda tree.
The herb stimulates the immune system of the body and prevents the ARVIs in autumn-winter period.
The herb significantly increases immune activity of the body, protective function of the blood, and also activates hemopoiesis.
The herb lacks narcotic effect, meaning it does not lead to addiction formation.
Thanks to the deep purifying action the herb causes general rejuvenating effect. The hellebore increases the cardiac circulation thanks to the redistribution of the blood. The blood congested at the periphery rushes to the heart, due to which the external organs and extremities get supplied with oxygen and the nutrients. The diuretic properties of the hellebore are related to the increased intensity of general circulation.

Contents of Caucasian hellebore

The roots of hellebore contain the fatty oils, cardiac glycosides, steroid saponins, polysaccharides, vitamin C, and fat-soluble D and E vitamins. Thanks to the content of cardiac glycosides the pharmaceutical industry used the hellebore to manufacture Corelborinum which was prescribed in circulation disorders and heart failure.

Hellebore Caucasian has already helped and is still helping thousands of people to preserve health, thus feeling the joy of life. This is another alternative to the official medicine method, created by nature itself aimed at helping our body.

Application of Caucasian Hellebore

  • obesity;
  • overweight;diabetes mellitus;
  • purification of body;
  • urologic diseases;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • gastritis;
  • psoriasis;
  • hyperfunction of thyroid gland;
  • constipations;
  • headaches;
  • brain concussion;
  • epilepsy;
  • bronchitis;chronic bronchitis;bronchial asthma;tuberculosis;
  • joints diseases;degenerative disk disease of spine;
  • rheumatism; radiculitis;arthritis,polyarthritis;
  • myomas;fibromas;
  • cysts;mastopathy;polyps,
  • cancer diseases;breast cancer;prostate adenoma;
  • chronic ovary inflammation;
  • chronic prostatitis of congestive and infectious type;
  • hemorrhoids; neuroses;
  • insomnia; psoriasis;
  • rheumatism;pain in joints.


Pregnancy and lactation, acute disease.




Method I: 50mg powder pour 50ml of water, mix, drink with the lees.

Method II: 50mg powder in your mouth and drink plenty of warm water.

Third way: 50mg powder mixed with half a teaspoon of honey.

50mg = 1 small scoop or 1/2 large measuring cup.

Directions for use: Add one powder dispenser to 50 grams of warm  water or a teaspoon of honey. The solution should be made in the evening. The next day you should drink solution  1-2 hours before a meal. Every 10-15 days increase the dose by one measure – ultimately a maximum of 5 measures at once (Russians take up to 6 measures, however, in Russia the herb appears in many medicines so they are used to it). If persistent diarrhea occurs at any time during treatment, then the dose should be reduced by one measure, then after a few days increase the dose, ie give the body time to get used to the herbs. If diarrhea is repeated, the dosage should be adjusted individually.


The preparation should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach 1-2 hours before breakfast or at bedtime. 

For 10 days take hellebore herbs 50 mg once a day (1 1/2 small scoop or large measuring cup.)

For the next 10 days, we Increase in the dose of 50mg, ie. We take 100 mg once a day (2 small scoops or 1 large scoop.)

For the next 10 days again Increase the dose of 50mg, ie. We take a dose of 150 mg once a day (3 small scoops or half a large scoops)

Subsequent to each 10 days Increase the dose of 50 mg up to 300 mg per day (6 small cups or 3 large scoops)

Continuing Maintain a treatment dose of 300mg a day.

Treatment apr last from 6 to 12 months.

After 6 months you should do a monthly break, after which the treatment starts from the beginning, that is means from 50mg.

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