Bioserum Herbetom-2 Pulm 250ml.


  • Herbetom Pulm Contains 19 active ingredients which work together to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the bronchi.
  • Intensifies the body’s immunity level.
  • The polyphenols and beta carotene in Herbtom Pulm help protect the mucosa bronchial
  •  Can be taken in conjunction with inhalers and other medication.

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Product Information


Herbetom 2 PM Pulmonary from Bioserum is a food supplement that helps maintain the respiratory system in optimal conditions. Changes in season, different conditions or allergies can affect our respiratory tract.

Properties and benefits of Herbetom 2 Pm Pulmonary

Herbetom 2 Pulm, thanks to its components with a synergistic effect, improve the condition and performance of the respiratory tract, providing the necessary help to prevent and help treat eruptive states such as asthma, conditions or allergies.

How to take Herbetom 2 Pm Pulmonary?

It is recommended to take before or after the 3 main meals.

Shake before using.


Food supplements should not be a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of little kids.

Storage conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Composition of Herbetom 2 Pm Pulmonary

For 30 ml:

Vitamin A (800 μg), Aloe Vera (300 mg), Aloe Vera Juice (300 mg), Lemon (150 mg), Echinacea (120 mg), Standardized Nebulized Extracts of Purple Echinacea (120 mg), Eucalyptus (75 mg ), Thyme (60 mg), Propolis (60 mg), Elderberry (45 mg), Propolis black elderberry (45 mg), Black elderberry (45 mg), Pine (30 mg), Plantain (30 mg), Concentrated juices of Elderberry (1.5 g), Fructose, Potassium Sorbate, Water.

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