AMALAKI Moringa drink Immunity & Sugar Level and Blood Quality 100g


Superfoods are unique natural products with high content of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.
They enhance the immune system, reduce the activity of free radicals, detoxification of the body, reduce cholesterol level and overweight. Due to their adaptogenic effects, they significantly contribute to body regeneration, vitality and good physical and mental health.

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AMALAKI Moringa drink – Immunity & Sugar Level and Blood Quality

Moringa oleifera helps to regulate the normal level of blood sugar
Due to its adaptogenic effect it builds resistance to stress
Harmonises the psychosomatic functions of the body
Vitamin A optimises the functions of eyesight
Vitamin B6 promotes the formation of red blood cells
Iron contributes to the transfer of oxygen
Riboflavin supports the metabolism of iron
Emblica officinalis has a positive effect upon the digestive system
It favourably influences the stomach and intestinal tract functions
Vitamin C supports normal functioning of blood vessels
It enhances the energy metabolism and optimal functioning of the immune system
It helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress
Improves the absorption of iron
Reduces exhaustion and fatigue

Ingredients:emblica officinalis, moringa oleifera
Weight 100 g of powder
Recommended Dosage 2-3 cups a day
Preparation: To get a healthy and tasty drink, mix 1 teaspoon (cca 2g) of finely ground blend in 250 ml of warm water and add honey to your taste. The powder can also be added to smoothies and fresh juices.

Country of orgin: India

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