Alfa Aktiv 180x20ml Diabetes, Removes Toxins and Pathogens 1800ml (6 BOXES)


ALFA AKTIV is created through the use of a unique ionization formula developed by scientists that guarantees the durability and effectiveness of natural ingredients.
The production uses the highest quality fruit concentrates of blackcurrant and chokeberry with the addition of bee honey.
The product is characterized by a high content of vitamin C and polyphenols, iodine, selenium and succinic acid.

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Alfa Aktiv – the first in the world, negatively ionized and living antioxidant preparation 180 x 20 ml = 1800 ml ( 6 boxes)

It contains 78 live enzymes, a powerful ORAC (antioxidant) factor compounded by negative ionization.

eliminates 90% of sourdoughs – recommended for aerobic and anaerobic efforts
It improves the efficiency of the body
causes an increase in hemoglobin
removes toxins from the body
significantly shifts the threshold of aerobic transformations
immediately after application increases lung capacity by 16%
accelerates post-workout body restitution
removes pathogens, toxins, viruses, fungi, bacteria – the cause of 80% of known diseases
restores normal cell ionization guaranteeing 95% bioavailability of active ingredients

Micro product – macro results

We closed 16 liters of juice in a small bottle of Alfa Aktiv

7% of the active juice concentrate corresponds to 112% of natural, pure juice

Chokeberies – The power of the Anticipans
Black currant – The power of polyphenols
Honey- Abundance of 78 Living Enzymes
Amber acid – The best Adaptogen
Vitamins and minerals – Essential Substrates of Biochemical Processes

Thanks to the negative ionization technology applied, the concentrate is actively active, thanks to which it retains the properties of freshly squeezed juice. This ensures the viability of active substances and their bioavailability of over 93%.

How to use Alfa Aktiv:
The contents of the bottle should be drunk directly after opening, preferably 15 minutes before a meal, shake the bottle before.
After 1 minute after , take 1 glass of water (maximizes the absorption of the supplement)
During use, limit the consumption of milk and alcohol, because they inhibit the action of Alfa Aktiv.
Because the preparation increases the assimilation of nutrients, take care when applying for a healthy diet and consumption of a large amount of non-carbonated water. Thanks to this, you will speed up the regenerative and cleansing effect of your body.

External use:
Lubricate with liquid wounds, calluses, ulcers, places with allergic and inflammatory changes
In more severe cases, use the Alfa Aktiv compress.

Application of a dietary supplement:
3 – 10 years 1/2 bottles a day
adults 1-2 bottles a day

How long should I use Alfa Aktiv?
The amount of Alfa Aktiv depends directly on the degree of cell degeneration in your tissues and organs. This intensity of the disease process and lifestyle (along with diet) determines the time needed to remove adverse changes in the body.

If there is a fermentation process in the juice bottle, insert it without the cap (open) in the fridge for 3-5 days. After this time, the original juice will be reopened in the bottle. Such a process occurs only in living organisms. Do you know any juice that after the fermentation process can regenerate itself?

The active composition of Alfa Aktiv is:

Chokeberry : It is unique in the world of plants because it is the only plant that does not absorb any toxins and is self-resistant to pests. It has amazing health benefits. They result from a rich chemical composition, enormous content of polyphenols (both flavonoids and phenolic acids) and vitamins (folic acid, acrobic acid, vitamin B2). Chokeberry fruits contain many anthocyanin pigments, and 93% of them are two compounds: cyanidin-3-galactoside and cyanidin-3-arabinoside. The total content of polyphenols in chokeberry fruit is approx. 60% mg / g dry matter. Contains coffee acid with a strong antioxidant effect.

The values ​​of anthocyanin berries chokeberry per 100 g:
berry chokeberry 2147 mg
blackberry 845 mg
wild blueberry 705 mg
blackcurrant 530 mg
strawberry 35 mg
red wine 10 mg

Black currant:  It’s an explosion of vitamins and minerals. It contains valuable organic acids (88% is citric acid, 12% is malic acid), pectin, essential oils, tannins, anti-cancer lutein carotenoid, vitamin C (100-300 mg / 100g), routine, vitamins: B1, B2, B6, PP, K, provitamin A, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, boron, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum and manganese. Blackcurrant is the main source of polyphenols.

Beneficial effects of black chokeberry and black currant fruits are:
inhibition of aging (study of the anti-inflammatory biomarkers concentration of the National Institute of Health)
Protection against cancer
Fighting free radicals
They act anti-inflammatory
They exhibit the strongest antioxidant effect
They support the removal of harmful substances from the body, e.g. heavy metals

Favorably affect the digestive system (lower blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, strengthen the performance of the liver and pancreas, accelerate the healing of ulcers)
They care about your immunity (prepare the immune system for defense against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites), eliminate inflammation, support the protective mechanisms of the skin and mucous membranes
They affect the cardiovascular system by strengthening and sealing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering bad LDL cholesterol, reducing platelet aggregation, limiting the passage of plasma lipoproteins to the walls of the vessel. The study of the American Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort showed an 18% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular diseases and a 37% reduction in stroke mortality.
They alleviate the symptoms of asthma, improve respiratory efficiency, and eliminate the harmful effects of cigarette smoking
They affect the nervous system by increasing the neuronal transmission
They regulate the work of the thyroid gland
They inhibit the division of tumor cells, reduce the side effects of drugs used during cancer treatment
They support the removal of sand from the kidneys, while at the same time they strengthen the kidneys
Accelerate collagen synthesis – regenerate joints
They reduce rheumatic ailments
They favorably influence the eye organ, delay glaucoma and cataracts

Honey: Contains 78 Living Enzymes. Enzymes are biocatalysts. Accelerate biochemical reactions in cells. Honey contains organic acids and proteins. So that honey can fully demonstrate it’s antibacterial effect can’t be warmed above 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in the production process we apply innovative solutions that guarantee the activation of all compounds found in honey.

Amber acid: It occurs naturally in the product.

It has SPECIAL PROPERTIES – it accumulates only in tissues loaded with harmful substances, eg trees produce amber acid (resin) in sick, damaged places. In 20 ml Alfa Aktiv there is approx. 10mg of succinic acid.

Thanks to the unique synthesis technology of natural succinic acid its absorption increased from 15% to 90%.
It stimulates metabolism in cells
It reduces the production of histamine, the most important mediator in inflammation and allergic reactions
It inhibits the growth of tumors
Dissolves kidney stones
It strengthens the immune system
It neutralizes toxins
Regulates insulin secretion, can be used as a prophylactic agent for type II diabetes

The body is one system, affecting changes in the cell – you strengthen the whole body

Technology used and method of operation: Detoxification and purification
Increased excretion of toxins from cells: thanks to this cells are easily regenerated, they defend against attacks of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

In the era of advanced civilization, the ability to excrete toxins from the body is impaired. High levels of pollution, stressful situations, environmental contamination, chemicals added to food affect our body and disrupt the functioning of the body. It exceeds the reduction capacity of cells. The body is burdened and unable to maintain immunity, its tolerance limits to external factors are violated. Hence, more and more people suffer from civilization diseases: (diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity, allergies, peptic ulcer disease).
Studies have long proven that regular detoxification and purification at the cellular level restores normal biochemical processes in the body. The resistance to attacks by bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens increases, and the body is able to cope with the excretion of toxins, maintaining greater tolerance to stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, environmental pollution.

Deacidification: Restoration of the acid-base balance through polarization of the cell membrane – thanks to which the cell is supplemented with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and polyphenols.
The deacidification process consists in unblocking the cell membrane permeability and restoring the normal PH to the cell. This enables acid-base exchange due to the difference in potentials (inside the cell, negative potential, positive outside). A healthy cell is negatively charged (voltage -60mV). This guarantees optimal functioning and nutrient uptake. Stress, poor nutrition, magnetic field of electrical appliances, alcohol, heating / air conditioning provide our body with a lot of positively charged H ++ ions. This causes blockage of the cell membrane permeability. The absorption and excretion process is disrupted.

Alfa Aktiv works in two ways: it blocks the blockade on the cell membrane and simultaneously deacids the cell. The ionized product provides a huge number of electrons, which results in a reaction with protons that are part of the acids – they are excreted outside, hence the process was called deacidification.

Ion oxygen exchange: Freeing energy flow thanks to optimized oxygen exchange. Alfa Aktiv compensates for negative ion deficiencies, thanks to which a large amount of energy is produced in the cells.
The source of energy at the cellular level is the respiratory chain. It functions properly together with negatively ionized air (electron transport chain). Then the mitochondria produce energy using nutrients and inhaled oxygen. The energy potential is stored in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
The air in urban areas is poor in ions, which means that the body’s energy production is very limited.

Sample concentration of ions in the air: To prevent this, the body must be provided with a maximum number of negatively charged electrons. You can get it through a walk in the woods, mountains, use of humidifiers during the heating season or regular consumption of Alfa Aktiv.
This is particularly important in cancer and chronic diseases. In these cases, the production of energy is anaerobic in the process of glycolysis (fermentation without oxygen). As a result, the energy obtained by the cell is disturbed. The cell does not have enough energy to function properly, which completely disrupts its functioning.

“Kick” of energy :The effects of Alpha Aktiv can be felt very quickly through a sudden energy increase of about 6 minutes after ingestion. This is due to the supply of negatively charged ions and the energy production process. Therefore, Alfa Aktiv is often used before training, sports competitions, mountaineering, important events when we need the proverbial “kick” of energy.

High degree of ionization: Due to high ionization, Alfa Aktiv has a strong negative REDOX potential.
Our respiratory chain is an important part of energy metabolism. Biochemical reactions of REDOX are used to generate energy (production of ATP). ATP is a substance that gives energy that every cell needs for its proper functioning. Alfa Aktiv can support this process through a high degree of ionization. As a result, cells can return to the path of optimal energy production through the respiratory chain. People with chronic fatigue or burnout syndrome feel this effect after only a few days of taking Alfa Aktiv.

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