Agnieszka Maciąg Pełnia Życia


Life is a great journey, full of better and worse moments and unexpected twists. The story of my life looks like a dream come true for the success of most modern women. I became a top model, I worked all over the world, I travelled. I recorded an album, hosted TV programs, played in a film, I was the creative and artistic director of famous clothing brands.

People admired me, I was successful, I had a nice family and a good relationship. However, despite this external happiness, I still lacked something. I felt an inner pain that grew as time passed. Most women know him …

In this book, I describe how I found happiness and love my soul. Now I experience lasting good, joy, peace – they are in me and radiate to others.

Happiness has settled in for good. I experience life fully.

I hope my story will inspire you.

With love


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