The Taste of Eternal Youth – Agnieszka Maciąg
The period of menopause is a special time for a woman. I and the surrounding women are proof that proper nutrition and lifestyle help to get through this period well. We can take care of ourselves to gently and gracefully start a new, wonderful and better phase of our life!

The time is coming for a tremendous change in your body. Until now, you have looked after others – now take care of yourself with tenderness. You can no longer eat what you used to do and count on being slim and healthy at the same time.

The recipes I have prepared for you will help you stay young, energetic and well-being at any age, also during menopause. I started making changes to my plate in 2006 – at that time I did not know yet that this is how I was preparing for a good climacteric transition. Collecting materials for the book Menopause. A journey to the essence of femininity, I found out that there are many doctors in the world who advise women to change their diet to make them feel better – and the results are amazing!

It’s time for you to treat yourself to healthy eating combined with exercise, restful sleep and positive thinking. Let your body and mind become healthier, more vital and long-lived thanks to a proper diet!

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